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  • Revamp the layout: A proper horizontal layout for desktops and a more horizontal layout for phones.
  • Split character up into parts, so the body wont clip with certain armors anymore.
  • Add missing armors. A full list is available at the link mentioned in the end of the post.
  • Add ability to change skin colors. An integral part of every fashion souls!
  • Add different versions of each armor and implement the armor synergies. (Dissapearing drapes, slim gloves,..)
  • Finish my demon souls playthrough. Damn that game is fun!
  • Fix moon butterfly wings.
  • Do you want to help out? You can! Just read the following post for more info: Reddit post

DLC CONTENT 2014-10-03 ~Citiral

  • I know the DLC has been out for a while now, but uni has been keeping me very busy, so I haven't gotten the time to add all the items. I'll get to it eventually, but in the meantime, if anyone else feels up to the ask, feel free to contact me on reddit. I go by the username /u/citiral

Update 2014-09-22 ~Citiral

  • I've just added some of the remaining male armor sets. All it needs now are the transparant armors, black dragon set and the shadow gauntlets. Thanks to naietz for providing me a Leydia Black Robe, saving me some farming time!

Update 2014-09-10 ~Citiral

  • I have temporarily removed the sidetab. You can't acces the register and login pages right now, but i'll add access back to those soon.

    The reason for this is that the sidebar was making mobile browsing of the site impossible. I'll revamp it to something more mobile friendly and add it back in.